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Attorney assists parties seeking changes as well as those who oppose them

When circumstances change following the entry of a divorce or a different type of family law order, it is often possible to obtain an appropriate modification if the proper steps are followed. At The Law Office of Michael A. Troy PLLC, we represent Maryland and Washington, D.C. clients in situations where someone seeks to revise or remove an existing directive relating to child custody, alimony or child support. Our firm handles cases on behalf of parties requesting modifications and those who object to the proposed changes.  

Child custody modifications

Children go through many changes, and parents’ needs also evolve over time. Parenting plans addressing custody and visitation should adapt to provide the best possible environment for everyone involved. In some cases, major modifications are required, such as a change in a son or daughter’s primary residence. Other times, a visitation schedule might require slight adjustment due to a parental job change or a child’s extracurricular activity. Whatever type of revision you think needs to be made, we will provide a thorough explanation to the court as to why the modification is in your child’s best interests.  

Petitioning for a change in a child support order

A parent’s child support obligation depends on their share of overall parental income, as well as other factors. Financial shifts, changes to residential custody arrangements and other developments could tilt what the child support amount should be under the relevant guidelines. Washington, D.C. allows a child support rate to be modified if the change in circumstances would result in an adjustment of at least 15 percent in either direction. Though no specific amount is listed in Maryland law that justifies a modification, if you believe seeking a change would be worthwhile, our family lawyer can assess whether your petition would be granted.

Updating an alimony award to reflect your current situation

Spousal support is based on the recipient’s need and the provider’s ability to pay. Accordingly, either party could experience a significant event that affects the fairness of existing alimony terms. A paying former spouse could request that alimony be reduced or eliminated if they have experienced a job loss, medical problem or family change that has lowered their income or raised their expenses. They might also petition for a modification based on a shift in the recipient’s circumstances. For example, a recipient who secures a higher-paying job or moves in with a new relationship partner may not be entitled to spousal support anymore. There can also be cases where a party receiving alimony pursues a change because they are unable to work or their ex is earning more.

Property division errors

Unlike alimony, property division is meant to reflect the situation of the parties at the time of the divorce, so changes in circumstances likely will not affect an equitable distribution order. However, if you believe the allocation of assets and debts was based on an inadvertent mistake or fraud on the part of your ex that you have recently discovered, we can advise you of your legal options.

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