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Men can face many obstacles if they seek a strong parent-child relationship when they no longer have a relationship with the mother of their son or daughter. At The Law Office of Michael A. Troy PLLC, we recognize the importance of fathers and work diligently to establish and protect their parental rights during divorces and conflicts over custody. In Maryland and Washington, D.C., we provide exceptional advice and advocacy in matters relating to legal paternity, residential custody, decision-making authority and visitation rights.

Establishing legal paternity when parents are not married

Some unmarried men realize too late that they do not automatically assume legal fatherhood once their son or daughter is born. Even if there is no question about paternity, Maryland law requires an Affidavit of Parentage to be executed by the child’s father and mother to establish the man’s parental rights. Once this document is completed, the father’s name can be added to the child’s birth certificate and he has a legal responsibility to provide child support. Establishing legal paternity does not automatically confer custody and visitation rights, but is a necessary first step for an unmarried man who wishes to create a parenting plan that guarantees him time with his child.

When both parents agree on who the father is, we can prepare the necessary documents and submit them to the Maryland Division of Vital Records or the Central Intake Center of the Superior Court of Washington, D.C. However, if the mother challenges your attempt to establish paternity, genetic testing and a court hearing might be required. As an experienced family lawyer, Michael A. Troy can guide you through the relevant process so that you have the ability to fulfill your responsibilities as a father.

Strong counsel for custody, visitation and child support matters

For many years, judges in Maryland divorce cases, and even the law itself, favored mothers in custody matters. Though the relevant statutes now treat mothers and fathers equally, it can be very difficult to shake off outdated notions of parenting roles. We know how important fathers are to the well-being of their sons and daughters and provide strong advocacy in matters relating to:

  • Legal custody — Arrangements concerning child custody are based on what is in the best interests of the young people involved. Typically, parents share joint legal custody, which means that both have the authority to make decisions relating to their children. Our firm helps fathers establish legal custody and enforces their rights if they are not being consulted on key concerns such as education, religious upbringing and medical care.
  • Physical custody — If you are seeking to secure primary physical custody, we will conduct a thorough review of the circumstances to demonstrate your parental fitness and show why your home will be the best location for your child to reside.
  • Visitation — Noncustodial fathers sometimes have difficulty seeing their sons and daughters at the times designated by the court-ordered parenting time plan. Attorney Michael A. Troy takes prompt effective action to enforce visitation terms or make modifications if need be. 
  • Child support — While child support should be based on objective factors, there are instances where fathers are unfairly disadvantaged. For example, you might not be getting the proper adjustment for premiums you pay for your son or daughter’s health insurance.

Regardless of your particular concerns, our firm will serve as an effective advocate as you seek to uphold your rights as a father.

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