Successful Family Law Solutions

Since our firm's origins in the early 1900's, Dungan & LeFevre has been known for adhering to its founding principles of integrity, expertise, client service, and community involvement. We primarily serve Miami, Montgomery, Shelby, and Darke County, and help our clients with their most important legal problems in the areas of divorce, custody, parental rights, child support, spousal support, and all aspects of family law.

Attorney Mike Jurek serves as our firm's lead family law attorney, and 100% of his practice is focused on family law, including:

Success Begins By Building A Trusting Relationship
"My highest priority will be to earn and maintain your confidence. Building trust has always been a key principle at Dungan & LeFevre, and obtaining the best possible results for my client requires a trusting relationship between me and my client." -Attorney Mike Jurek

You Deserve To Feel Comfortable With Your Lawyer

Every family law case is different because every family and every set of circumstances is different. Many people come into the initial consultation with misinformation that has them on edge. Mike starts by listening and answering every question honestly and clearly. Our firm won't charge for the initial consultation because it is essential for us to understand the nature of your problem. Mike will explain the legal process for your specific needs, and recommend a course of action to solve your problem while preserving your long-term interests.